Uniquely Sweet was born in a grocery store checkout lane with the purchase of a small dessert recipe book. From the random selection of page 25, Chocolate Cheesecake Triangles, to a complete dessert and catering menu, Uniquely Sweet has grown from cupcakes on Saturday and dinners on Sunday to a full-scale dessert and catering service company.

We believe that food should be pleasing to the eye and pallet as well as healthy and filling.  From weekly individual meals to catering for family events, Uniquely Sweet & Catering by US is ready to take care of all your food preparation needs and culinary experiences.

About US

"Don't share your food! Share your source!" - Maisha N. Hudson

Meet the Chef

Maisha N. Hudson is a self-taught culinary artist who simply enjoys making good food and creating awesome food experiences for anyone who is willing to sit down and grab a fork.

For Maisha, cooking has always been a family experience as her love of cooking came from time spent in the kitchen with her mother preparing family meals, her father’s attempts to keep a talkative and energetic kid busy on the weekends by baking cookies, and a treasured family tradition of “Second Sunday/Family Day” where family would gather to enjoy time together sharing food, laughter, and wisdom.

In college, her dorm room was always the place to be because (although not allowed) her hotplates, crockpots, and electric skillets were always providing alternatives to the campus cafeteria.

Throughout her life, food and cooking have been an intricate part of who she is.  Uniquely Sweet & Catering by US started from her weekly Sunday Dinners where every week she prepared a full 3 to 4 course meal from scratch for anyone who walked in her front door.  From there a friend’s request to cater a birthday party grew into a full service catering business.

In her “lab” she is constantly working to create new and exciting meals that appeal to both the health conscious and flavor loving foodies.  Her specialties include liquor infused cheesecakes such as Red Berry Ciroc, Hennessey & Caramel, and Key Lime Patron, and anything Creole.

She has had the pleasure of preparing meals for a variety of notable celebrity figures and cooking across the globe.


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